Interval the earth in the heart by Viola Di Massimo

Interval, the earth in the heart” is the work produced by Viola Di Massimo about the 2017 earthquake in central Italy. The first shake on August 24th : wrecks Amatrice, wipes out Accumoli, annihilates Arquata del Tronto, devastates Pescara del Tronto, mangles countless neighbouring towns badly. We know all this and better knows who remained in those places, who had to go away because of the house’s loss, who lost families, and who is tied to those places by roots and memories.

In 2010, after a year from the earthquake of 2009, April 6th the artist produced “Favola per un Silenzio d'aprile” (“Fable for an April's silence”), a video likening to a noire fable where it was not stressed the wrecking natural disaster but who could have avoided a so large slaughter. Symbol of all the happening was the students’ dorm in via XX Settembre: more responsible man that nature. Guilty the laughs of that night when all around was going down and people remained embedded among the wreckages of a bad concrete.

History repeats itself: the pain is the same and will not disappear.

Viola has always been tied to those places and those people, to a condemned house, to those stones that maintain the memory of the places and she works just to keep them. In this video she proposes a visit to the small hamlets of Pieve Torina in the province of Macerata and proposes a clear view and definite visual of an Arquata del Tronto’s hamlet.

We are accompanied with Pietro Domenico Paradisi’s background notes of “Toccata in La maggiore” that is one of the most beautiful music of the years ‘60-80 played during the RAI intervals.

The surreal character with a red hat apparently clashing with the scenery colours, surreal but real as the fallen stones and the wrecked houses, visits the places shocked by an earthquake that seems endless (in April 2017 the shocks continue), and that is worse than the 1997 one (epicentre in Colfiorito) when the reaction to return to a normal life was stronger than now.

The Artist visits the places and listens to whom stays there, who doesn’t have the earth in the heart but the heart in the earth, that feels something stronger and less poetic because the heart of many people stays still in that earth vegetated, or left to its fate, among the pleached roots of the trees, the rocky mountainsides, the azure clay, the countless greens that frame a landscape made of a vast and spacious sky that a bit before the night catches up with that nuance so loved by the artist: the Grigio di Payne. And the dramatic branches that turn into life throwing their shade to the extant wall of San Michele Arcangelo, a Romanesque church, or to those mountain tracks so well maintained that “it doesn’t seem Italy”. And what saying about the Milky Way that only few had the luck of seeing from the high flat land of Castelluccio, vast and wonderful, that no many know and that is so difficult to give up to?

It’s true Art will not save us and perhaps will save only who makes it, but this videoart wants to stimulate people to approach those places, visiting and experiencing them so that they can start to live again with their economic and productive system. This is the first thing people still living there in tents, in makeshift caravans or along the coast far from their own earth strongly wish.

Because in those places people, sky and trees: don’t crumble.