2013, November 25, 26 – If she had been adult, ready, and if it had been her own choice, that something old, blue, new and borrowed dress would have been the amusement play of a propitiatory tradition no longer known. But the “The small white bride”, among Berber and European rhythms, tell us that there is a large part of the world that doesn't choice, that cannot choice. It doesn't import it be a religion used at will, a law or someone's bossiness; in this world, sometimes, nothing can be chosen and the individual's respect just doesn't exist.

Sometimes all runs quickly and it's difficult realizing about what is happening… to our daughter too, be she small or grown up. This happens everywhere and in any way.

The small white bride tells us the courageous and wisely clear words that a mother, in the life's atrocity, can reach to say to give all the possible strength to a child that will have to dress a too much large bridal gown; a child picked up as a white and innocent bride, as sacrifice for that part of world made of violence, abuse, power and a strong sense of possession.

This mother had not enough time to teach to her child things greater than ourselves, and by few words tells her child about dignity.

The child goes around with a carillon background music, as a defeated doll; in the backdrop the “biography of a fixed thought”, the work that Viola Di Massimo dedicated to her artistic research and to all the women that lived and battled before her, and on whom are visible the violet symbol of devotion and the red symbol of the black hearth that hides the mystery.

On rights international day of children (November 20) and in that against violence on women (November 25) Viola Di Massimo underlines the figure of a child that unifies men, women and children in only one heart that continues even and anyway to pulse and struggle against any type of violence to human beings …. the small white bride are ourselves: ever and anyway small faced with our memories and too great events, bridegrooms of this world that we didn't choose; but white too of a small residue of purity saved and preserved despite the growth and the increasing of our hardness, despite …. anything.


Promoted by Propaganda per la Civilizzazione delle Masse (artistic movement)