2011. June – This time Viola Di Massimo decides at last divulging one of her monologues of the a collection of Love letters, exactly “Love letter by A.P. - but I am Rightist or Leftist?”

Viola Di Massimo is not an interpreter nor a player but anyway she once again has to tell something, and this time a paint certainly could not be sufficient. She continues her artistic research testing any mean that can help her to produce the work: be her voice, her image, her drawings, all is good in order to tell in the best way her last discovery of life or the last felt emotion. The love letters are written by a Protagonist (professional artist) who to increase his earnings accept various works and at every new experience writes a letter to narrate his experience; she, invariably disheartened, frantic, aghast, pleased … and with a dignified optimistic idealism keeps her passion … in spite of everything

The Protagonist signs ever letter in a different way: the Traveler “da Cavacecio”, the Seller of White Sweets, the Violet Bruise or the Shepherd of Egophils, as the work on which she is testing herself exactly at the beginning of this last letter.

Usual sarcasms on indifferentisms? Soliloquies about sectarian partyisms? Ridiculous disquisition against every absolute faith? No, Viola Di Massimo's video-monologue is other beyond all this. It's a virtual piece sprung up by a soliloquy on which a complementary video as a puzzle element was fashioned; and as a puzzle, the expressive nature has a radial pattern where every time a new element is added to have the total understanding from which come emotions so interactive to become in the same time complex and spontaneous. It concerns with so sagacious and humane satire to move for irony peaks whose drives and emotional reactions rouse such an hilarity that the audience are possessed by.

But where does this Art spring up? From the protagonist's enchantment and disenchantment alternation; the artist which unfledged but curious begins to wander around the meanders of the political orthodoxy, bigoted, classist, stumbling across codified compromises, ridiculous sophistries and costive smiles, paradoxical contradictions and calculated courtesies; fundamental ingredients for a good politics, i.e. the great reference system where the courses of Exploitation and Egophilia are the first variables while ignorance is a constant. The existential gap comes exactly from the motive for which the protagonist accepts the proposal of doing the Politician: for a more secured survival, by aid, of her own art. This is the key, here the puzzle is unraveled, the knot of the deep meanings of this work nature is undone: it's a great image of humanity, about the attention that must be done to every human being (different and unique among all the persons), on the truth and genuineness of everyone, on the ideals and principles conquered by intellectual and emotional honesty engagement, on the dreams to have to pursue and on the capacity of choosing by all this. It's a message against the amorphous integration, the easy adaptation, standardization, sloth, the logic of the situation institutionally legitimated. It's an invitation to the immediateness, to the research of themselves and the others. It's a cry of liberation of consciences from the bonds of the opportunism, from the hypocrisies and easy self-absolutions. Towards the end of the monologue there is a clear call for the capacity of always maintaining on life the hope of yet being able of trying, listening, touching, being filled with joy “at”, in a word of Feeling.

Never giving up to our humanity, to that of everyone, of all the people, the sensitivities, the minds of the human civilization.

Marga Esposito

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