2012, May - Marina Abramoviċ, one of the most famous living performer declares that a performance is a real action implemented in a gallery at presence of an audience; then a performance implemented elsewhere didn't have meaning and weren't be a performance. Her example: if you produce bread, the best too, but you make it in a bakery, your bread isn't art and you are anyway a baker, but if you make the same bread in a gallery that is art, in that case a performance, and probably you are an artist.

Is this questionable? May be. As any thing.

But what’s happening when an artist lives in an artist place? All he makes facing a public is a performance? And if the artist has to go out to implement his performance? Really I do not know, in any case what I am proposing you I nominate it performance, and I apologize to Marina Abramoviċ if at the end it will be only a … promenade.

“The artist's way” is an anthem to the artistic research and to his own creating: making progress, going ahead, continuing for ever and in any case in continuous research of a different point of view. During the promenade thought becomes deeper, ideas spring up, dead, overlap, coalesce, change; moods change jointly with the rhythm of our breath and of our heart; we stop for some obstacle, for a ban or a deviation for a disagreeable meeting, because something attracts our attention, because too much tired, depressed or because we stumble or somebody ... stumbles us.

But after we recover and walk yet, continuing to meet nuances of grigi di payne, mixture of ] rossi cadmio and of *gialli cromo in an alteration and intensity that only loyalty to a growing idea can give.

We'll go for well-known ways along which walking because sometimes an artist, in deep down, yearns for that stardom hardly not be desirable in a time in which the ego is on the first spot; but we'll chance too, or we'll intentionally choose, of coming along small ways, silent and anonymous, because not always an artist will be picked out, well-known, or even he'll wish that.

I, we, will go ahead because the meaning of success, in my opinion, it's not how many persons will see or notice us; but it's going ahead, ever and anyway, in our belief, in an idea that made us living forging our life for an unlimited passion, only honoured by a deep and solemn attachment expressed by a great and unique choice.

All people can join “The artist's way” if liking it: all people knowing the importance of an idea; and all people that at moment can only perceive it.

Anyone will dress something of visible red colour as symbol of our choice of life: the red is pathos but is torment too; also in a choice … never there is only a side.

We'll arrive to the “Bocca della verità” only to remember us to be always loyal towards our choices and … towards ourselves Rome; rendezvous in front of villa Ada's gate at via Salaria 273, May 23, sunday, at 10.00 hour.

Viola Di Massimo