2011, September – “Indifferently indifferents” is the title of a moving work produced by Viola Di Massimo and promoted by the artistic movement “Propaganda per la civilizzazione delle masse”.After the short “Love letter by A.P. - but I am Rightist or Leftist?” of 2011 June the artist continues speaking about her vision of human nature and of the “feeling of the other” in a more different way.This time no words, they could be superfluous; only a red hat, a black necklace … in substance the “usual equipping” that the artist proposes in the scene, as in a painting or a performance: a touch of surreal atmosphere surely grotesque mixed in a reality that at the end, among klaxons and noises is even too real. Fundamental was the co-operation of Francesco Grassi that with irony volunteered to concrete this idea.46 are the seconds that Viola uses to narrate that all we are equal, that anyone can have discomforts; and the same can happen for the indifference.

46 seconds to be in step with the speedy present time and telling that in this age, in which the look matters more than any other thing, we continue to superficially think that the others are as they look.It should be time of not stopping only looking at a more great discomfort visible but looking at the invisible too; it should be time of slowing down, of inquiring ourselves and all, should be time of really willing know.

F. M.