2011, September - Not necessarily if we feel ourselves followed by a cactus this means that we are out of our mind; not necessarily if we continuously go up and down by a little stair to kiss a little flying suitcase means that we are lost at all.
On holiday day (that could be ferial too), we can decide too of concreting and filming a surreal instant.

Nobody can know what there is in that winged suitcase cuddling and kissed by a big hat and a long necklace woman as it were the most important thing.
Will the suitcase contain all the ideas, or will be the hat woman?

I don’t know, but in the dreams it happens the same things or more: we cuddle flying suitcases and, sometimes, we are followed by thorny cactus in a continuous loop; but the very strange thing is that all this looks ...like normal at all.

At least in the imagination all is admissible since the imagination is made of the same material by which are made the dreams.