2010, December – this time too Viola Di Massimo realizes herself in the full work: figurative art and sound, included the eclectic vocal performance of the bizarre and moving characters of her works. The author, after the “Fable for an April silence”, produced for Abruzzo earthquake anniversary, represents a new video-work titled “Letter to the infant Jesus”; an age-old flavour video: stark and produced like the first mutes. The old sepia changes into a ultramarine blue pigment on which yellow stars come that slowly light and after, alternatively and by a tactful tremor, accompany us to glide in the history with the sound of a mysterious lullaby; and happens that from the kinetic muffled backdrop a “Common” child appears and is going to recite his small Christmas letter.

The video is an extravagant anti-rhetoric and direct video produced considering any minimum emotional aspect.

A simple letter by a sweet "enfant terrible" to that infant Jesus invoked for ages: a trembling voice but resolute and with the innocent’s crudeness communicates the atrocities of the present reality; and in the infinite grace, in the osmosis through image and sound this as a punch on the stomach. A sweet initial and final lullaby, with a delicate enraptured voice, comes out as melodious as worrying and frames the moving Work in a surreal atmosphere wiping out any languid sentimentality of which the Christmas spots are often penetrated.

The paradoxical ending launches an inevitable "jingle bells" that speeds up to go in step with a commercial centre time; in these time where all slides too fast without never stopping upon things we should meditate about.
Viola Di Massimo took this time, slowed it, meditated and realized her thought in a work to be divulged while is ironical about the feeling of guilt common at Christmas and on the new year’ s day.
Will we be able we to slow and see what there is beyond the speed?
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Marga Esposito

Promoted by: Propaganda per la Civilizzazione delle Masse (artistico movement)