“We never should forget who we are, where we come from and first of all of our evolution (…) We hope in a meditation in the human being and on his social status, because violence at any level and agains every being is something to be fought by any means.”

November 2009 – When Art flies up it does this by balloons too, to which was pasted an idea, an idea that flies away, as high as possible, up, at the sky limits, till the moment they decide it's time to go down at earth, who knows where, who knows when. By chance. We all should have paid gold to see where and when the first poster with the wards “Cut it out” would be fallen down , by which hand it would be picked up, who would have more curiosity to read it, what history could have had the reader.
The poster produced by the artists Viola Di Massimo and Gaspare Lombardo for the international day against violence on women was made flying on Saturday November 21, at midday, in Rome, piazza Bocca della Verità, in front of the Tempio di Vesta in a deep blue sky day, with colours a bit surreal for November. The balloons with their posters glued to a thread looked as dancing in the sky at the sound of a music not contained or delicate that I would say warlike. An army of messengers that carries with dignity, courage and energy the words “cut it out” and the other ones that remember us of not forgetting our evolution.

By chance all these elements are connected to a person that at least one time in his life suffered a violence but that decided continuing no longer to experience any day that by memory.
The message tells “cut it out!” but we know it's not sufficient to really changing what happens; to really changing it will need too the courage, the dignity and the energy of whom will go ahead with flags flying exceeding opposing streams and winds to contaminate without any limit anybody he will meet exactly as the message that the artists Viola Di Massimo and Gaspare Lombardo threw by white balloons as symbol of purity in this wonderful sunny day.


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