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Worn by winds waiting for events-377


Tecnica: pietra, ferro, applicazione in argilla

Codice: 377-2019

Yes, I believe in fate, I believe in Verga’s lupins dispersed in Malavoglia’s sea, that disconcerted me so much that I never wanted to read or see it any longer. I believe in dramatic and ruthless events arriving like bolts from the blue. I do not believe in endless waitings for beautiful events that should arrive for received grace or as a reward after a life made of work and self-sacrifice. But I believe in commitment, in action, in active mind and in imagination that anyway runs around without recompense. I believe in the being’s essence made of lightness or heaviness. I believe in a continuous stream of ideas and thoughts. In life as a performace in fieri. I believe in one’s own belief. In one’ s own laws, in the waiting felt as something valuable and tumultuous, just as it happens in the figures often painted on my chairs unbalanced but in equilibrium, where waitings are active, moved, lived, also if it does not appear. Exactly as when we sleep motionless while in dream we live all sorts of adventures.

And I believe in this stone got during a mountain walk, in the fact that itself called me insistently looking at me by its empty eyes. Seeing it I right away thought that in the old days it had been someone unable to act and that lived its own life waiting for happenings. Someone without dreams nor reality frozen by an eternal waiting so that winds and events flowed on him deforming his figure and perforeting his eyes inwards and outwards.

So I took the stone, gave it a face, indeed three, titled it as its life passed on a mount awaiting together with many other stones deformed by winds and not lived events. After I knowed it, I talked with it, I discussed with it and the stone began to live. At the end, when it started to see and to forme itself I gave it a big black pearl as eye and eventually we looked at each other.

Now both of us know better that we don’t need motionless waitings, nor rewards for received grace or for hard working.

We need only life, turmoils and internal motions.Because for any life the real reward is just life.

2.300,00 € each In stock Width: 20 cm
Length: 20 cm
Height: 72 cm


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