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At every step a Minotaur - 2015


Technique: installation - (Labyrinth locator)

Classic labyrinth, 515 stones;

Dimensions: m 7.90 per 6.90, entrance at west, realized on 18 till 21 March 2015, during the sun eclipse and the spring equinox;

Pathway: about 140 m going and return. At the entrance 2 small menhirs with an inscription made by an unknown alphabet;

Title: at every step a Minotaur;

Place: Sorti, Pieve Torina (MC) – Italy;

Author: Viola Di Massimo;

Builders: Andrea Amato, Viola Di Massimo.

Code: Ad ogni passo un Minotauro (senza codic) 2015

Note: video

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In stock Width: 790 cm
Height: 690 cm