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"Siamo farina di pane" (We are flour of bread) - 373


Technics: oil and cotton sack

Code: 373-2019

Note: We are in the first years of the postwar period and the E.N.D.S.I. (Ente Nazionale per la Distribuzione dei Soccorsi in Italia, i.e. the National Organization for the Relief Distribution in Italy) distributes flour sacks donated by the people of the United States to the Italian People

The sacks were emptied, carefully folded and stored in a trunk. Time passed. The trunk was open only after 50 years and the sacks made of beautiful and strong cotton are moved to my studio. About 20 years passed, because there is always a bit of deference to pieces of history, history not directly lived. Waiting is important.

Some sacks are utilized keeping on the back the writing to avoid that theywere covered by primer and colours: history must be preserved but on the other hand a new history can come out.

But in this case, in this painting the sack is essential for the artist work springs up.

We are flour of bread”: the sack contained flower. For surviving.

“We are flour of bread”: the same work says that. Art is food for the spirit.

2.600,00 € each In stock Width: 90 cm
Length: 4 cm
Height: 80 cm


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