Propaganda for the the civilization of the masses

[artistic movement]

Propaganda for the civilization process of the masses is an artistic movement born in 2007 as a counter imitation of the governmental “Pubbblicità Progresso”: produced by the artist Viola Di Massimo wih the aim of autonomosly producing and promoting spots and artistic campaign facing social work.

Till now “Propaganda for the civilization process of the masses” defended and promoted:

  • "Spot Viola.Incisi d'Arte" - [march 2020]
  • "Worn by winds waiting for events" - [2019]
  • "Equilibrio Possibile" - [2018]
  • "Interval - the earth in the heart" - [2017, April]
  • "The Monster in the box" - [2016, October]
  • work n. 327 "Accomplice of the material - Monument to the scar of a white" marble [2015, April]
  • Video "The little white bride" – international day on the rights of children (November,20) and against violence on women, by Viola Di Massimo, percussion Andrea Amato [video] [(2013, November)
  • spot "indifferently indifferents" by Viola Di Massimo with Francesco Grassi and Viola Di Massimo [2011, September 2011]
  • short video "Love letter by A.P. but … am I a rightist or a leftist?" and trailers, by and with Viola Di Massimo [2011, June];
  • video "Culture frees everyone" by Viola Di massimo [2011, February];
  • video "Letter to the infant Jesus" by Viola Di Massimo [2010, December];
  • video "Fable for an April's silence" by and with Viola Di Massimo and Claudia Di Massimo [2010, April];
  • video document "Enough!" - international day against violence on women by and with Viola Di Massimo and Gaspare Lombardo [2010, November];

You can see all the videos in the video page of the site.