Arte viola studio opens on 2016 April 30 and May 14 for a Seminar by Andrea Amato on Ethereal art, tenuous energies and Sacred Space in art. In its evolution nature highlights mahematical ratios very useful to that who knows and utilizes them getting advantages and energy. All these mathematical ratios in the course of time have gained more strenght. The artists of every time, deliberately or not, attain from these ratios drawing armony and energy and their makings operate on the emotional and energetic status of the observers. The work will not be subject of artistic exploitation and pleasure only; it will act on the surrounding space contributing to the energetic flow and to the environment decongestion.This seminar is addressed to artists, graphic designers, admen, therapists and to whoever is keen on art and tenuous energies.The employment of space and sacred geometry has a fundamentl role in the works creation, in the communication and also implication in the housings therapeutic environment.

  • APPLIED ETHEREAL ART PROGRAMME Geometries and frequencies Energy in the Spaces, Art and interaction with environment Morphogenetical field
  • Imprinting and Signature
  • Form and Geometry
  • Sacred Space and introduction to the Sacred Geometry
  • The 4 Elemets in the Art
  • The 7 Rays in the Art
  • Sacred Mathematics and the Golden numbers in the Art
  • Analysis of the Work
  • Energetic artwork